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Youth-driven startup brings the ‘Hustle’

Youth-driven startup brings the ‘Hustle’

Five young entrepreneurs use pandemic downtime create a source of professional quality, stylish youth athletic apparel for teams across the U.S.

(May 15, 2022) — From five young imaginations to across the U.S. in less than two years, Hustle, is certainly living up to its name.

The company began as the pandemic shut down schools. As they sought ideas to occupy their time, athletic apparel came to mind.

Too often, they noted, youth sports apparel was low quality, and lacking the style to match the budding generation.

So, the young entrepreneurs went to, and worked beside, their entrepreneur parents to create a youth-driven premium athletic apparel brand that can work with teams to create comfortable and stylish team gear youth love.

They named the brand “Hustle” and today they continue to grow the brand as they work with teams across the U.S. at their online shop

Their users can browse their many options and customization features.

They are also proud to help fund youth athletics as they give back a full 10 percent of sales to athletic programs and they frequently partner with organizations to offer fundraising opportunities.

Their ability to give back stems from the sales of premier athletic uniforms for youth for all sports, explicitly designed for the needs of young athletes.

By matching the finest in adult athletic wear, with full customization packages available in individually branded team stores, Hustle expects to continue to grow and further support worthwhile athletic causes, while helping youth teams create uniforms that they will be proud to play in.

They also ensure with every order, young athletes have an ally in providing products they use and appreciate with every athletic event.

They provide young athletes a way to express themselves on the field through one-of-a-kind uniforms and team apparel. And in many cases, they can be a one stop shop to outfit an entire team.

For the company, its goal, story, and products all center on that idea while being a driving force in youth athletics across the U.S.

For more information about Hustle, visit their website The company also maintains a presence on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



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